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What services are included ?


    What we do for you on our weekly inspections

    check all appliances
    check all windows and doors making sure they are secure
    check interior doors and window  locks
    check ceiling, walls and floors for cracks, mold, mildew and any unsual odors
    check settings on humidistat and air conditioner
    check for damp odors and place deodorizer
    flush and brush toilets and replace bleach (toilet bowl only)
    check for plumbing problems and hot water heater for leaks
    check for any insect problems and treat if possible
    check pool and spa to make sure water level is adequate and for discoloration in water
    check breakers
    run dishwasher short cycle and disposer monthly
    run all faucets including showers
    check lanai screening for rips and tears and for insect build up
    Inspect overall appearence of landscaping
    Inspect drive way´s and garages
    take any mail, brochures, cards or fliers in entry way and out of mail box
    Fill out inspection check list
    email inspection results

    Opening your home

    We will open your home a few days prior to your return (by email notice)
    turn on hot water heater
    flush toilets
    run all faucets
    reset air conditioner
    turn on ice maker
    reset clock on stove and microwave
    turn on an outside light
    run dishwasher short cycle, prime if necessary

    Closing your home

    Shut hot water breaker
    turn off ice maker and dispose of ice
    put bleach in toilet bowls only
    set air and humidistat on away mode
    check all windows and doors to make home secur

    All the above services are included in our monthly charge.

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